Che diavolo ci faccio qui ?

domenica, giugno 04, 2006

Hi dd,

I decided to do a bright new post for replying at your comment, so i can take all the space i need and do this blog a little more international and i will training my english too :-)

First of all, welcome back, it's a pleasure to answer to your post. Since no many people leave comments here, it's not really a big issue to answer to the few writing me :-)

Il Giro d'Italia, is a bicycle competition very popular here in Italy, in 21 days bicyclers race throughout the country touching quite all the regions.

It's an hard competition, like the French "tour de France" (you know that the first person that won the first edition of the tour de France in 1903, Maurice Garin, was from aosta valley ? Now you know it ^_^)

This year was the 89° edition (the first edition was in 1909), and the race came in my region too.

Here some info about the giro in Japanese.

here in english

The racers were very impressing they went on the mountain road at the speed i use to go in plain, going at full speed ^_^

In Italy the most followed sport is of course football (maybe too much followed). In those past weeks a big scandal erupted between the Italian football teams, police is questioning some of the teams managers in suspect for corrupting referees.

Some phone records from mr. moggi (juventus manager) reveled by news papers and tv news show an image of the football world really not clean. A lot of other football teams seems to be involved too, and probably from next year they will be downgrade to lower class serie B or even C.

Sincerely I'm not really interested in sport, and football is something I'm not at all interested in,
I find it boring, and don't find so interesting watching 22 billionaires running and kicking a ball.

Moreover I'm not really surprised by this last scandal, a place worthy so much money can't be really clean.

But this is just my opinion.

One of the few sports that i'm interested in is Chess (the olimpic chess game just ended today in Torino and Armenia won the gold medal ) and now i can say, figure skating too, but since i'm not able to skating i practice only chess :-)

I'm glad to hear that you are finding useful youtube, is a nice evolution for Internet sharing informations between people.

I dream in a future where every person should be able to watch the tv channels and programs from every country, legally and freely, and youtube is something quite near to it.
I just hope that greedy copyright holders mentality will not prevail.

Buona domenica anche a te.

Ci sentiamo. (correct ! ^_^)


  • Hello Jishu1972 san,

    I would like to come back here again, but for today I just wanted to thank you for your time for what I had written.

    By the way, I happened to find
    Fumie's performance in Torino.

    I wonder what would be the main points that the analysists say for her performance. I appreciate it if you find a little time to explain breafly (Maybe only positive things would be fine. LOL.) Also it would be fine to answer in Italian, too , as I might find someone to ask for translation intoJapanese if some automatic translation software does not help me at all.

    Any way, thank you very much for kindly having given me a lot of informaiton here.

    Take care of yourself & buona notte !

    By Anonymous dd, at 17:33  

  • Hi dd,
    you are talking about this video ?

    If not, let me know the exact name of the video.
    When i will know the exact video i will see what i kind do.

    By Blogger jishu1972, at 21:06  

  • Buona sera, Jishu1972 san.

    Thank you for your response.
    Yes, you are right! This is the
    video that I was very much interested in even immediately after the Olympics.

    I appreciate it if you can kindly explain mainly about the positive comments (Well, the fans are normally less willing to accept any negative comments as they do not help the fans make happier.), possibly in English.

    We were actively having a lot of discussions till two days ago, but we stopped talking about that site and any downloaded videos on the BBS. I fully understand why we need do do so. There may be some people who are not so happy with knowing that that site is so much appreciated. You know who could they be, right? What you are worried about.

    Any way I agree in that it is better to avoid any probable troubles. We know that that site itself has no problem, but
    there exist copyright holders for many of the videos there.

    So I would have given up asking someone in the BBS to translate if your explanations would have been in Italian. I may just introduce some of your comments in English, as we may still enjoy knowing how Fumie is differently evaluated from country to country, depending upon the persons of different background.

    Again, I have no hurry. I just enjoy waiting for something witout any haste. Hope you had a nice day today.

    Buona notte !

    By Anonymous dd, at 17:23  

  • Sorry for the long time, but i'm been quite busy this weekend

    here the translation (with maybe some little error)

    meanwhile here entered another possible answer

    attention because the competition is still long

    besides the Japanese suguri there is also the American maisner
    and then the Russian sluskaia

    therefore we goes in growing

    rackmaninov concert for piano number 2

    triple lutz double Toe loops well in the opening immediately

    triple flip

    triple Salchows

    and there is a little problem entering from the double axel (not sure, seems to say angel, can be?)

    triple lutzes

    only double the flip here the double Toe loops

    triple Toe loops perhaps a little bit of lacking rotation we will see again later

    well the double axel, labured the double Toe loops great grim

    Very skilled (good) also fumie suguri. and I wanted to show you but clearly you can hear it,
    a superfluous underline mine and I excuse for it, the enthusiasm that there is at the "palavela".

    flag and nationality doesn't exist. all cheer up for every skater on the ice. because is appreciated just the beauty, the composure, the linearity, the style and also when a skater has a difficulty moment' this is encouraged.

    this the more beautiful show that can be seen in a competition and also here to the skating where is recognized the suffering and the effort and a particularly beautiful gesture from an aesthetical point of view, Franca.. [the name of the lady]

    Yes indeed and ein special way in fumie suguri was seen the strive the desire the grim to do well up to the end. however she has tightened the teeth and with an unbelievable grim succeeded in making the last jumps.

    you see how she is tired but she didn't want to lose this "chance" to be aloft in the classification in this so important occasion.

    despite she has performed an exercise rich in thickness fumie suguri however it won't overcome, to our notice, the same nationality arakawa, perhaps the cohen could be some..

    it could be to technical level however, according to me, the cohen is more complete at artistic level

    fumie is not yet at perfect level (acerba/o is a way of saying for fruit when are not yet ready to be eat) but she still can improve from a point of view of the interpretation and the presentation on the ice. the preparations of the jumps were some long and near. in some way performed rather than interpreted this program.

    to be to a podium level in Olympiad.

    however surely is a good program with many technical elements of prestige, I believe instead that that Toe loops was good it could be considered good, and here the sequence of footsteps propose as that proposed by arakawa.

    you see how she also looks for her to exploit the curves and the movement of the body however is less marked and with less armony compared to that of the arakawa.

    She is also a small skater 1 meter and 57, and she is the first one to win an international title after the victory of yuka sato, that won the championship of the world in 94 she imposed for 4 times.

    attention because' fumie suguri is not paid very well 54.23 the elements the components 59.25 total 175.23 go to third position

    situation of classification arakawa japan 191.34 have clearly detached sasha American cohen with 183

    By Blogger jishu1972, at 12:49  

  • Buona sera, Jishu1972 san !

    Thank you for your big job and your time for my difficult request.
    I really appreciate your translation and I am very sorry that I could not come back here earlier to say "Grazie" and to give my comments on the Italian version analysis of Fumie Suguri.

    The comments over there in Italy were also favorable towards Fumie Suguri. I am happy to know it. I understand that there are some differences in evaluating the technical aspects. Otherwise, she would have been placed at a heigher position. Any way, I enjoyed the performance again with some other evaluations and comments.

    By the way, talking about youtube again, as I informed you earlier, we stopped referring to it on that BBS. I have recently found several arguments on that site in the internet and now I know why it is better to avoid any probable difficulties. I also understand what you wrote very well, too.

    There is one person who gave this comment after we were requested to refrain from mentioning the site on the BBS. The comment was impressive to me. It goes as follows:

    While admitting the necessity to be careful about the matter of copy right, there should be a reason why this kind of site has been getting so popular.

    There is a big need for that. There should be many programs that we want to see again, also because we missed them. The broadcast stations and TV companies might not been meeting with these requests properly. Such precious films might be sleeping in their
    warehouses, or could have been already thrown away.

    On the other hand, it is said that MTV is in collaboration with Youtube. Youtube can serve as an effective site for promoting some TV programs and DVD. If it is really so, I think I like this positive idea. Bravo, MTV !

    Ciao & ci sentiamo.

    By Anonymous dd, at 14:55  

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